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 Theiving guide(easy) by Baker

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PostSubject: Theiving guide(easy) by Baker   Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:47 am

**pics coming soon***

At Home your gunna see 5 stalls , each one will give you a item each time you steal.

after you steal and get a good amount in your inventory you go trade with sigmund , hes right on side, and he will give you cash for the items you stole. **warning** watch out sometimes it fails to steal and it will hurt you alittle

Here are the levels for each stall

crafting: 1-25

food: 25-50

general: 50-75

magic: 75-90

scimitars: 90-99

And there ya go , nice and simple and you make some money in the process! good luck! dont work to hard :p
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Theiving guide(easy) by Baker
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